Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Demon Days

Hey Guys! I can't believe that I almost survived this week of school!! (yes very dramatic :D) I'm really looking forward to this weekend. Not that I'm doing anything else than writing essays really.. Although I might be going to a gig on Saturday which I'm looking forward to.
I wanted to show you this painting I made some weeks ago. I saw this picture on tumblr and just HAD to paint it for my room!! (which I'm re doing at the moment btw) There is just something inspirational about delicate... And I'm actually quite happy with the result, and that is in fact quite rare from me.. I'm not posting this to "brag" in any way! I never liked showing my work to anybody. One couldn't hurt me any further than through my art and I'm always pretty scared of peoples reaction and I wished to gain more confidence. I do love criticism though, bad or good. But in the end this is an art blog so I guess it's alright. 
I wish you a lovely evening! Im going to spend mine watching youtube as always :D


  1. haha ja ich hab jetzt mein Flugdatum und fange laaangsam mit planen an. hab ja noch 1,5 Monate (:

    seit wann lebst du auf Malta?

  2. I love this illustration! Hey you have a great blog,maybe we can follow each other!


  3. Hola! gracias por pasarte por mi blog, te devuelvo la visita y además te sigo.
    Tienes unos trabajos preciosos y maravillosos! ojalá yo supiera hacer esas cosas tan bonitas ;)

  4. Awsome painting. I love it :)
    btw. lovely blog

    -follow each ?
    My blog

  5. aww JUL! i love this :DDD
    acrilyc or water colors??
    ... and i know you used INK ;D