Tuesday, December 18, 2012





Sunday with Petra :)
 craving for inspiration! :O

'And the music don't feel like it did'

Wednesday, December 12, 2012






Hey guys :) 
This summer I went to Italy for the first time. We went to Venice, a city which had always fascinated me...
I was overwhelmed by its artsy environment! Felt like stopping every time and sketching places! awesome awesome awesome!! :D I really wished to return one day!  
The little cutie pie is my brother :3 he is the most adorable thing on earth! I miss him so much and can't wait to see him in less than 2 weeks!

Visit my friends blog over here as well please. She is into photography as well and has got taaaaalent :D

Thursday, December 6, 2012

I miss summer!

IMG_5721 IMG_5720  IMG_5715

Hey guys! yes I know that these pictures really don't represent the cold,dark,stormy,wet days outside (or at least where I live..if it isn't like this in your country than be certain that I'm completely jealous of you!) But I went trough some of my older pictures and I felt so sad seeing these! I do really love the seasons but in my opinion winter should last only last for 2 weeks! after that I'm frozen and have had enough of this whole winter phase :c
 could Malta at least have HEATERS?!?! then I wouldn't mind at all! I can't believe that I'm happy to go to Germany over the holidays since I will be warmer inside over there :O I'll be seeing you soon heaters :D yes that was slightly weird, but just slightly...
oh well I have to suck it up I guess... :D
I  I hope you like these "snapshots" :) Good night to you all !

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Demon Days

Hey Guys! I can't believe that I almost survived this week of school!! (yes very dramatic :D) I'm really looking forward to this weekend. Not that I'm doing anything else than writing essays really.. Although I might be going to a gig on Saturday which I'm looking forward to.
I wanted to show you this painting I made some weeks ago. I saw this picture on tumblr and just HAD to paint it for my room!! (which I'm re doing at the moment btw) There is just something inspirational about it...so delicate... And I'm actually quite happy with the result, and that is in fact quite rare from me.. I'm not posting this to "brag" in any way! I never liked showing my work to anybody. One couldn't hurt me any further than through my art and I'm always pretty scared of peoples reaction and I wished to gain more confidence. I do love criticism though, bad or good. But in the end this is an art blog so I guess it's alright. 
I wish you a lovely evening! Im going to spend mine watching youtube as always :D

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mr. Jinx

  BAVARO JULY 2008 036 

BAVARO JULY 2008 023 

Hey guy's :D I hope your week  started well :)! These are some old pictures of back in 2008 of my cat Jinx. I miss him so much..sadly we had to leave him at my grandparents house when we moved to Malta. Our flat over here is way too small and too dangerous (as we live high up in a penthouse) But I'm going to see him soon, when I'll go back to Germany for my winter break :) School has been sick!!!! my days are stuffed with work!! so much to do and I have no idea where the hell time is going.... it feels like yesterday was only September :O 2012 has been the fastest year yet O.O!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Omg. snow in Malta ?




 I met up with my friend Petra today. For her photography class she had a project to do. The theme was of course Christmas, is there anything else people talk/think about ?! In Malta it doesn't snow but we were really into the idea of representing snow with something.. can you guess what we used ? It's getting colder over here too though... it finally feels like autumn at least. I'm not too excited about these colder day's to come. But I guess that I do love the coziness of coming home and lighting candles and switching on my fairy lights and drinking tea :3 (cheeeesy)

Saturday, December 1, 2012






  This summer my friend Lara and I got our hands on these feather fake lashes. Pretty weird to wear and I wouldn't stand spending more than an hour with themwouldn't anyways haha, but I was happy with the results! Can you believe that it's December already?! Where did November go ? and the whole year ?! School has been a pain but it's christmas break so soon already. I'm so excited tomorrow my friend Petra and I will be working on something for her photography class. I will feel as if I had a social life again. oh school I love you so -.-