Sunday, November 3, 2013

Kevin Heaven ♥

I am simply in love with this picture :3 Its of me and my boyfriend, Kevin. I love him so so much and am so grateful to have him in my life! He manages to always make me smile. And although we are so far from perfect, it seems we could manage anything together :) I hope he knows I do not take anything he does for me for granted and making him smile is all I want to do!
 I love you Kevin Heaven ♥

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Larali ♥

Hello guys :) these pictures were taken in summer, the are of my friend Lara. I miss her as she lives in Germany far from where I am. I cant wait to seeeveryone again soon in December! Isn't she a beautiful girl :) I think these pictures portray her elegant style very well :3 I have a lot of pictures to upload since a lot of things have happened :) I hope you had a nice weekend!

Thursday, September 26, 2013


Outfit of the night #1 Follow my blog with Bloglovin

lace dress- Monteau
pearl necklace- vintage
ring- claires
shoes- H&M

I really like this outfit since it is very elegant and femenine. The shoes give the outfit a very summery touch and I am certainly in love with them from the moment I set my eyes on them. I left my hair a little messy to add a fresh and young touch to the elegance. I hope you like it and find some inspiration with this :)

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Rainy mood

 photo IMG_3205.jpg

 photo IMG_3957.jpg

 photo IMG_3962.jpg

 photo IMG_3966.jpg

 photo IMG_3965edit.jpg

Oh leave me here 
Forever more 
I found the peace 
I’ve been searching for 
-angel, DM

"rain makes everything better"

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Energy in the Park 2013 - München

 photo IMG_4179.jpg
   photo IMG_4094.jpg 
 photo IMG_4176.jpg   photo IMG_4159.jpg   photo IMG_4152.jpg 
 Hello everyone :) Sooo this year my stepmom won festival tickets again! Last year Lilith and I spontaniously were told that we can pack our bags and go to Munich. This year we couldnt believe that she won again, such a lucky woman :D 
Lara and I went then, me without knowing who is playing nor knowing any songs ... The vibe of the festival was amazing, although the music wasnt exactly mine. 'Le Kid' , 'Royal Republic' , 'Tim Bendzko', 'Glasperlenspiel', 'Gentleman' and Jan Delay played this year in Energy in the park. I absolutely love live music! 

Im very happy that Lara came with me, without her it wouldnt have been as fun. Although we did both have a circulation problem because of the extreme heat it was a really cool day ;) I guess also that that was the last hot summer day here in Germany.. 

Danke meine Süße für dein tollen Tag <3

 photo IMG_4197.jpg 
 fun killer/ party pooper (my dad dared me to upload this xD )
   photo IMG_4140.jpg 

 photo IMG_4120.jpg 
   photo IMG_4111.jpg 
jup I'm a shorty :c 

 photo IMG_4073.jpg 
   photo IMG_4059.jpg 

 photo IMG_4057.jpg photo 3f7963d8-315c-42ed-9a99-d244d1b01d5c.jpg 

Top-Hollister                                                                                             studded shirt-   Tally Weijl
Leggings-  H&M                                                                                         High waisted shorts-  GAP
Bag-  ebay                                                                                                  Bag <3-  Urban Outfitters
sunglasses-  my present to her 16th <3                                                  sunies-  bijou brigitte
necklace-  gift                                                                                             necklace-  vintage

 photo IMG_3990edit.jpg 

I love you

 photo IMG_4208.jpg 
 photo IMG_4033edit.jpg 

 photo IMG_4022e.jpg

Friday, September 6, 2013

1. September. 2013

 photo IMG_3122.jpg photo IMG_3114.jpg  photo IMG_3119.jpg    photo 6e062820-8f31-4f8c-989c-d8a8649151f0.jpg 

 I've been back home this summer and Lara and I went to Köthen in Sachsen-Anhalt, to visit my Oma :) we had a lot of fun. She is a great woman and one of the funnest people I know ! We had a fun day at home trying on her clothes and shoes :p since in mostly rained.. She wanted me to do her makeup and Lara and I tried to spoil her a bit :)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Just like ''air''

I wished I could take new up to date pictures, but as my SD-card is still messed up I'm forced to show you some old moments of last summer.
 Lilith, the awesomest and pretty girl in these pictures with me is coming to Malta !!!!!! the news killed me !!! I couldn't trust my ears on this one <3  She's coming overseas at the end of March and already we have a bunch of stuff planned! we are going to rock the island haha<3
Anyways, I hope you had a nice weekend. I stayed home for once, drawing and painting. I feel so full filled <3 and I thank every single one of you for following me by the way ;) I hope you like these snapshots and wish you a good start this week.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

1071.16 miles apart ♥

Hey guys <3 I haven't posted in a while, I know.. These last weeks have been sick!! I was in Germany during my holidays, had an awesome birthday party and generally the best time. Since I'm back in Malta my life has just been filled with school work! During the weekends I normally crave to go out with my friends to do school non related stuff...
But to be honest I haven't been this happy for a long time! I keep on being filled with emotions of happiness and am so thankful to have so many people around me who care and love me. I can't express how much I love you guys and would be so lost without you. 
Finally I've got muse back in my life! I was so lost in the academic art, which we are bound to do at school to please the examiners. For a time I thought I had lost my art..but it's back and I'm going crazy, can't wait to let all of my emotions out on paper one by one.

This picture is of my best friend Lara and I. On my 16th birthday in December. I miss her so much. We have been friends for 16 years now! I still can't comprehend how she still bears me for such a long time. I love her to bits!  I will never forget you and however far away we may live apart, I always think of you and can't wait to do crazy things with you again.