Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Energy in the Park 2013 - München

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 Hello everyone :) Sooo this year my stepmom won festival tickets again! Last year Lilith and I spontaniously were told that we can pack our bags and go to Munich. This year we couldnt believe that she won again, such a lucky woman :D 
Lara and I went then, me without knowing who is playing nor knowing any songs ... The vibe of the festival was amazing, although the music wasnt exactly mine. 'Le Kid' , 'Royal Republic' , 'Tim Bendzko', 'Glasperlenspiel', 'Gentleman' and Jan Delay played this year in Energy in the park. I absolutely love live music! 

Im very happy that Lara came with me, without her it wouldnt have been as fun. Although we did both have a circulation problem because of the extreme heat it was a really cool day ;) I guess also that that was the last hot summer day here in Germany.. 

Danke meine Süße für dein tollen Tag <3

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 fun killer/ party pooper (my dad dared me to upload this xD )
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jup I'm a shorty :c 

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Top-Hollister                                                                                             studded shirt-   Tally Weijl
Leggings-  H&M                                                                                         High waisted shorts-  GAP
Bag-  ebay                                                                                                  Bag <3-  Urban Outfitters
sunglasses-  my present to her 16th <3                                                  sunies-  bijou brigitte
necklace-  gift                                                                                             necklace-  vintage

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I love you

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